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Club Interval Gold

Club Interval: The Ultimate in Exchange Flexibility 

An exciting exchange program that combines the best of traditional timeshare with the flexibility of points-based programs, Club Interval gives owners of fixed- or floating-week timeshares access to a world of vacation opportunities. Club Interval members enjoy:

Choices Galore

Trade up for a larger unit to accommodate more people. Take smaller units and turn one deposit into multiple stays. Enjoy breaks of one to six nights in length with ShortStay Exchange®, or use points toward the purchase of a cruise, hotel stay or experential travel. Use some points today, save some points for later.

Or members can trade their week for another week the traditional vacation exchange way — it’s up to them!

Exciting Destinations

Club Interval members can head for the mountains for an exciting ski vacation, go snorkeling and explore a tropical reef, or visit cultural sites in Europe. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Powerful Benefits

Combined with Interval Gold®, Club Interval delivers fantastic benefits that members can use at home, or when traveling:

Benefits vary by country and are subject to applicable terms and conditions.